Timber walls, boulder walls, and a new home


This website page shows new construction and a timber wall with boulder walls. 

A new home construction needed a boulder retaining wall next to the garage.  The retaining boulder wall goes from the edge of the garage to the end of the street.  About 100 feet of wall.  This wall shows off various colors and textures adding beauty to the landscape.  The functionality of the weight of the boulder rocks make it highly effective erosion control.  These natural stone boulders will allow the water to flow freely behind and through the wall.  This boulder retaining wall created more space for the driveway.    


new construction driveway retaining boulder walls

new constructiondriveway boulder walldriveway boulder retaining walldriveway boulder retaining wall

On the side of the boulder retaining wall I installed 7 stone steps for easy access to the upper yard.

driveway boulder retaining wallstone stepsboulder wallboulder wall retaining

The pictures below are of the timber wall.  It is between the 2 properties. With a lot of excavating of dirt and the removal of the timber wall, it created a huge amount of useable space.  The back yard is level.

timber wallretaining boulder wall

This picture shows the timber wall leaning and not being able to hold back the soil. The size and the weight of the boulders provides the erosion control the timber wall can not perform.  A timber wall has a width of 6 inches.  A boulder wall has a width of 24 inches, plus the sheer weight. A timber wall is less expensive than a boulder wall.  But when the timber wall needs to be replaced than it was a waste of money.  The boulder retaining wall is very effective for erosion control.  Plus providing a beautiful landscape.


timber wall leaning

timber wallboulder wall

before picture

timber wallboulder retaining wall

timber wallboulder retaining wall

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