Swimming pool boulder walls

Boulder Walls For Less is a Minnesota company.  This web page presents a swimming pool with tiered boulder retaining walls.  The home did have a timber wall next to the garage.  It was removed and replaced with a 3 courses.  Four retaining walls were installed to level out the steep yard.  The retaining walls were needed to have a level area for the swimming pool. These stone retaining wall are sturdy and durable.  Boulder walls have the heavy weight of stones to control erosion and pressure of the soil. The boulder wall's crevices allows the water to seep through. These walls are deigned for durability.  Retaining walls created several levels of flat useable backyard surrounding the swimming pool.

swimming pool retaining boulder wallstiered boulder retaining walls

Before picture with the timber wall.  Two boulder walls installed in back of the home.

timber walltiered boulder walls landscape

These pictures are the different sides and angles of the boulder retaining surrounding the swimming pool.

boulder retaiing walllandscape boulder retaining walls

boulder retaining wallsboulder walls

boulder wallsretaining walls


          Boulder Walls For Less provides retaining boulder walls for erosion control landscape.  Retaining boulder walls are nature's natural beauty. Our company offers quality workmanship at lower prices. We decided to start our own Minnesota company because we saw a need for well designed boulder walls for a reasonable price.  We believe in taking pride in the satisfaction of doing a job well done.  This means providing customer satisfaction and taking extra time to structurally set the retaining wall (not just stack any boulder on top of other boulders).   Our company, Boulder Walls For Less,  wants to be known for excellent service with lower prices.Boulder Walls For Less is looking forward to working with you. 

Our company strides to surpass customer's satisfaction with experience and integrity.


Thank you and have a good day.

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