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 Boulder Walls For Less is a Minnesota Company that provides retaining boulder walls.  The boulder wall design that is a natural beauty to all projects.  Pictures of retaining boulder walls on this page contains some of our finished boulder wall .  The boulder walls display the quality workmanship.. We take pride in our service. These retaining walls provide natural beauty with purpose.


                                       Boulder walls for the backyard.  

boulder retaining wallslarge boulder retaining wall minnesota

before picture boulder wall in front yardboulder retaining wall landscape

 landscape boulder retaining walllandscape boulder wall  

boulder wall side of houseboulder retaining walls
boulder wallsaccent boulder wall

      Boulder wall with stone steps.                       

stone steps going down boulder wallboulder walls with stone steps

stone steps with boulder wallboulder wall


The bottom row of boulders will be used as a sitting area around a fire pit.

boulder wall sitting areaboulder wall fire pit area


                               Raised Display Garden        

raised rock garden

 Boulder wall landscape next to driveway.       Boulder retaining walls for front yard.

retaining wall for backyard

boulder wall next to driveway

                                                      Boulder wall for back side of property.

retaining boulder wall

                                               Boulder walls for the side of property.

boulder retaining wall landscaperetaining wall front of house

boulder wall leveling off front yard

retaining boulder wallboulder walls
backyard boulder wallboulder retaining wall
 boulder wallsl behind garageboulder walls


   Accent backyard boulder retaining wall.        New construction boulder wall.

boulder wall in front of housenew boulder wall construction

New construction boulder wall.                        Boulder wall for backyard.

boulder wall leveling backyardboulder wall

           Boulder retaining wall system.                    Patio boulder walls.

boulder retaining wall next to housewall construction

Retaining wall with stone steps.                      Boulder wall construction.

boulder wall with steps

                             Accent of boulder retaining wall with stone steps.

long retaining wallrock retaining wall

                                                Minnesota landscape boulder walls.

boulder wall with stepsboulder retaining walls

boulder walldog kennel boulder wall

  New boulder wall landscape.                         Retaining wall landscape.

landscape wallrock wall

                                                      Boulder wall for leveling out area for a back yard.

retaining wallboulder retaining wall

                                          Erosion control boulder walls.

boulder wallsretaining wall construction 

boulder wallsl behind garageboulder wall

                                                                            New construction boulder walls.

boulder wall designlandscape construction

                                          Tiered boulder retaining walls.                            

landscape retaining wallboulder retaining walls

boulder wallretaining wall design

                                                   New construction boulder retaining walls.

boulder wallsretaining wall

                            Retaining wall with boulders for erosion control.

retaining wall with bouldersboulder wall

                       rock walls

                                                                        Landscape retaining wall systems.

boulder wall 2 tieredboulder retaining walls

                                           Landscape of boulder walls.    New construction.

landscape of boulder wallsboulder walls 

                                                 Retaining wall system providing extra space.

stone steps in wallretaining wall system    

                                                            Landscape boulder walls for erosion control.

erosion control walllandscape boulder walls       

                                                                                      Boulder retaining walls.

 boulder retaining wallsboulder retaining walls       

                                                                          Landscape of boulder rock walls.

rock wallslandscape of boulder walls        

                                                         Boulder wall design.

boulder wall designboulder wall landscape  

                                                                           Boulder wall window well.

 retaining wall for landscapeboulder wall for window well     

                                                                                        Erosion wall landscape design.

boulder wall designboulder wall surrounding tree 

                                                    Boulder wall providing erosion control for backyard.

boulder retaining wall for erosion controlboulder wall design   

retaining wallboulder wall   

                                                                   Retaining rock wall provides entrance area for house.

retaining rock walllandscape retaining boulder wall    

landscape construction wall boulderwall design boulder          

boulder retaining wallboulder wall   

                                                            Boulder outcropping.

 boulders outcroppingboulder out cropping                                                                         

 boulder stone outcropping designboulder outcropping


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backyard boulder wallboulder wall for backyardbackyard boulder wall                    


retaining boulder wallboulder walls
backyard boulder wallboulder retaining wall
 erosion of backyardboulder wallsl behind garage