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Boulder Walls For Less provides retaining boulder walls for erosion control landscape. Retaining boulder walls are nature's natural beauty. Our company offers quality workmanship at lower prices. We decided to start our own Minnesota company because we saw a need for well designed boulder walls for a reasonable price. We believe in taking pride in the satisfaction of doing a job well done. This means providing customer satisfaction and taking extra time to structurally set the retaining wall (not just stack any boulder on top of other boulders). Our company, Boulder Walls For Less, wants to be known for excellent service with lower prices.

Remaking a previous installed boulder retaining wall around an in ground swimming pool.  Home owner was not happy with the construction of a boulder wall from a different landscape company.  They wanted a retaining wall that would support the soil around their swimming pool and cement slab.  Boulder Walls For Less reconstructed the wall.  We constructed the retaining wall the correct way, not haphazardly. Stone steps were added. This webpage has before and after pictures of the landscape project.  Retaining boulder walls are beautiful and timeless maintenance of landscape.  These retaining boulder walls need to be strong to support the soil behind them.  Boulders naturally perform this task.  The boulders sheer weight makes them a highly effective product for boulder retaining walls.


boulder walls for less

Here are the before and after pictures.  

The before photo walls did not have any fabric behind the retaining wall.  The wall was not installed properly.  

A headache for the homeowner. See the difference of the before and afters.

bad boulder wall  boulder walls for less

bad boulder wall  boulder walls for less


bad boulder wallboulder walls for less

More pictures of the finished project.

boulder walls for less  stone steps boulder walls for less

boulder walls for less  boulder walls for less

boulder walls for lessboulder walls for less




  Our boulder walls have a distinct and skilled knowledge that shows off our years of experience. The rock walls have the performance to stop erosion and display a quality structure. Our pictures display the pride we take in our business that customers have come to appreciate.  This website has content that will help you make an informed decision for choosing a boulder wall contractor.  Our website offers information for all consumers.
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