New home with boulder walls, 1

Boulder Walls For Less created retaining walls for a new construction.  Our company offers quality workmanship at lower prices.  We love that boulder retaining walls offer natural beauty with the durability of the test of time.  Boulder retaining walls have the performance to stop erosions.  These walls provide added space and more use out of yards.  The property needed various boulder retaining walls around the home and next to the driveway.  Here are some before and after pictures. 



new construction boulder retaining wall for new construction landscape

The retaining wall leveled off an area for added space for the driveway.  The bottom pictures show other angles of the driveway.

boulder retaining wall for driveway boulder retaining wall for driveway

These pictures have the retaining wall around the septic area.

new construction septic area retaining boulder wall around septic area

Other angles of the boulder wall around septic area.

retaining boulder walls boulder retaining wall around septic area

These pictures show the back corner of the house with 2 tiered boulder retaining walls.

new construction landscape 2 tiered boulder walls landscape

More angled pictures of the 2 tiered boulder retaining walls.

2 tiered boulder walls 2 tiered boulder walls

Here is the other back corner of the house with a 2 tiered wall.

new construction landscape 2 tiered boulder retaining walls

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