Curb appearance with a boulder wall

retaining boulder wall appearance change

    This page shows a home that changed the curb appearance.   A beautiful natural look that created a diversified change in the landscape design.  The boulder retaining wall created a level yard that provided additional space. The picture below shows what the home looked like before the boulder retaining wall was installed.  Having a lot of trees did provide privacy, but they were over grown.  The trees hid a pine tree that is next to the fire hydrant. Since the home is on a corner lot, the pine tree makes a great accent tree.  When it rained a lot, the soil would run on to the sidewalks.  This created more work for the homeowner.  The boulder wall is providing erosion control.


Before photo.


before landscape boulder wall



Homeowner Patti  describes her property and experience. 

"I always hated working on that whole area of my property.   It was hot, dry, inaccessible, nothing would grow under the hedge, soil erosion was a big problem, and I had to keep the hedge pruned off the sidewalk.   For many years I had the idea to put in the boulder wall and am thrilled with the final result.   Steve was very nice to work with.   He was honest, respectful of my property, and always kept me informed on the status of the project.   I would recommend Boulder Walls for Less to anyone who is considering a boulder wall."   


Here are some before and after pictures.

boulder wall

before boulder wallsboulder retaining wall landscape

Here are more pictures displaying the finished boulder wall project.

retaining boulder wall landscapelandscape boulder walls

boulder wallsboulder wall





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