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Boulder Walls For Less  is a Minnesota company that provides retaining boulderwalls for erosion control. Boulder Walls For Less creates only boulder retaining walls. We are not an all around landscape company that does everything. We specialize specifically in boulder walls. This is what makes us very unique in our field of expertise. If a customer would like more work done in other areas, we have partners that can expand in the service that is desired. We would like to thank you for looking at our website. On this page, we have boulder wall pictures of jobs not well done from other landscape companies. These pictures display a wrong craftsmanship of boulder retaining walls.


boulder walls for less Retaining Boulder Walls

The landscape of a boulder retaining wall provides natural beauty and a preserving protection against soil erosion. Boulders and large rocks are the best choice against environmental factors. Boulder walls are more economic than block retaining wall. Block walls are more labor intensive thus making it more expensive. Timber walls have a shorter life because of rot deterioration, despite all the chemical used to treat them. Eventually, timber walls start falling forward. Boulder retaining walls offer natural drainage through the little spaces between the rocks. Unfortunately, there are many boulder wall contractors that do not have the same standards of quality workmanship. Sometimes, they do not have the knowledge or experience. When you start investigating other boulder retaining walls in your community, you will start seeing how many are not well built. Take a look at other landscape websites. Click on their boulder wall page. This would be the style of wall you can expect. Some of their boulder walls are not well built. They look like the pictures below. Larger boulders on smaller ones, stacked uneven, and especially small rocks hiding huge gaps. Those boulder walls should not be displayed as their "best work". The pictures lower on the webpage show in detail all the wrong. Boulder rock walls are an investment of maintaining and protecting property. Boulder Walls For Less specializes specifically in boulder wall service. We take achievement of expertise with experience and create a good looking wall built sturdy. Our Minnesota boulder retaining walls display a quality workmanship of landscape erosion control.



boulder walls for less boulder wall for dog kenelboulder walls for less boulder wallboulder walls for less drive way boulder wall retaining



Guide and advice for choosing a boulder retaining wall company.

 This information is very helpful.


 1.  Retaining boulder wall projects can be expensive. Get free estimates for boulder wall services.  .

 2.  See past boulder retaining wall pictures.  Check out other landscape websites.  Look at their boulder wall pictures.  Some of their boulder walls look like the below pictures of walls not well built. Seeing past work is what you would get.

 3.  Notice if there are huge gaps between the boulders. You will have some. Which is good for drainage.

 4.  Are boulders stacked haphazard on top of one another?  Lining up the rows makes the wall structurally safe.

 5.  Are large boulders stacked on smaller ones?  Some landscape companies do stack large boulders on smaller ones.      

 6.  Are  there small rocks trying to hide the large gaps? Are they trying to hide their lack of workmanship? They need to take the time to analyze . There will be smaller gaps which allows water to seep through.

 7.  Are the boulders protruding further outward and not even with the wall's face?   (( look at a side angle))

 8.  Are their boulder retaining walls symmetrical?  Does the rows of boulders have a straight form? 

 9.  Is fabric included in the price?  This is the one area you do not want to cut corners.  The fabric holds back the dirt but lets the water seep through the wall.

 10.  Get referrals.  Maybe even visit a past job site and see the retaining wall. This will help you feel confident on your decision.

 11.  Voice  concerns. It is your investment.                                             

 12.  Will they come back to fix the boulder wall?


Boulders not quite stacked?                             This is our retaining wall. 

boulder wall not stackedboulder walls for less boulder wall redone

Boulder retaining wall is not back pitched.          

Large rocks on small ones.  No fabric.                  Our wall stacked and built properly

.boulder wall not pitched backboulder walls for less driveway boulder wall

Not symmetrical. Large boulders on smaller ones.

Small rocks filling in gaps.

Not built sturdy & is uneven.                                Our retaining wall built to be long lasting.

boulder wall before pictureboulder walls for less boulder wall for driveway

                                    Boulders protruding outward. Side angle view.


         Large boulders on smaller rocks.  Small rocks used to fill in gaps.

boulder wall not structured well, small rocks filling in gaps

small boulders filling gaps in boulder wallboulder wall with no structure

boulder wall with big boulders on smaller onesboulder wall with small rocks under large boulders

 Top row of boulders are jagged and do not have a straight level finishSome more boulder wall gaps

.boulder walljagged top boulder wall

                                                                  The beginning of rebuilding the front yard.

                                boulder wall redo
                                boulder wall redo
                                boulder wall redo
                                boulder wall redo
                                boulder walls for less boulder wall front yard
                                boulder walls for less boulder wall front yard


 Customer Satisfaction - We provide one on one service. Why? Because we are family owned. Our company is built on integrity and values. We are able to personalize and customize the specifics of the customer's requests, needs, and desires. One on one personalized service. Every person gets the service they respectively deserve. Our family wants Boulder Walls For Less to be known as a successful and satisfying experience.

We hope this page has been informative.

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