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boulder walls for less       Boulder Walls For Less is a Minnesota Company that provides boulder walls a natural beauty to all projects. Retaining boulder walls are beautiful and timeless maintenance of landscape.  These retaining boulder walls need to be strong to support the soil behind them.  Boulders naturally perform this task.  The boulders sheer weight makes them a highly effective product for boulder retaining walls.  These retaining walls are installed to lean towards the soil and counteract the effects of gravity.  The purpose of these boulder walls help manage drainage control and stop the continuous erosion of property.  The wall's construction offers level surfaces for owners to have more space than the original yard.  Boulder retaining walls are attractive and functional.


                Retaining boulder walls solve vertical heights challenges, changing temperatures, and ground conditions.  The boulder walls resist the lateral pressures contributed by loose or saturated soil.  The biggest complication to any retaining wall system is it's drainage capacity.  It is very important to have proper drainage.  Active pressure on constructed retaining walls, with poor drainage, can bulge, crack, or lean forward.  Boulder walls are mortar less.  These walls have an advantage of a built in "drainage system".  Water is able to seep through the small space between the stones.  Landscape fabric is placed behind the wall to allow water to flow freely but prevent the soil from washing through.  This is the advantage a boulder wall has over a block wall.


            Boulder Walls For Less provides retaining boulder walls for erosion control landscape.  Retaining boulder walls are nature's natural beauty. Our company offers quality workmanship at lower prices. We decided to start our own Minnesota company because we saw a need for well designed boulder walls for a reasonable price.  We believe in taking pride in the satisfaction of doing a job well done.  This means providing customer satisfaction and taking extra time to structurally set the retaining wall (not just stack any boulder on top of other boulders).   Our company, Boulder Walls For Less,  wants to be known for excellent service with lower prices.




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