Boulder Retaining Wall Transformation


Boulder Walls For Less presents a retaining wall transformation.  A backyard that slopes down toward a pond.  The landscape of boulder walls designed to create a level backyard.  Retaining walls establish a much more aesthetically pleasing effect.   Beautiful.    Stone steps were used in the center of the retaining wall.   Here are some before pictures of the boulder retaining wall project.  These pictures show the different angles of the backyard.


backyard before boulder retaining wall  back yard before boulder wall  back yard lawn

side landscape before retaining wall  side angle of back yard  direct view of backyard

                                    Here is the transformation of boulder retaining walls. 


stone steps in boulder retaining wall  side angle of stone steps  boulder retaining wall

stone step in boulder wall  side angle of boulder walls  curved boulder retaining wall

boulder wall  boulder retaining wall  stone steps in a boulder retaining wall

boulder walls  boulder retaining walls in backyard  landscape boulder walls

landscape retaining walls  boulder walls  both boulder walls

top boulder wall  top boulder wall at an angle  completed top boulder wall

lower boulder wall  boulder wall backyard





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