Back yard boulder wall

Retaining boulder wall leveling the back yard.

A boulder retaining wall was constructed to protect and level the back yard.  The edge of the back yard was washing away that led down to the lake.  The home owners wanted to create a back yard with more useable space.  A part of the yard did have a timber wall that was not retaining the soil that it was suppose to.  The property was washing away.  The boulder retaining wall solved the problem.

Having a retaining wall installed protects real estate investment.  After sometime, if there was no wall, the back yard would be washed down the hill.

 washed out back yareboulder wall

washing out yardboulder wall


A lot of fill was brought in to build up the yard and level it.  The rain was dramatically washing the yard away.  Making a steep decline on the back side of the yard.  The boulder wall changed the appearance and the construction of the space of the yard.  The homeowners wanted more space for their children to play.

erosionboulder wall retaining backyard     

                          boulder walls

On the cornor of the house has a large pile of dirt that had random plants and flowers.  They were removed.  A boulder wall was added to contain the run off.

dirt hill boulder wall         

Check out these views.            

boulder wallsbackyard



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